Saving Time and Money with RTA Templates

In my younger days I’d call up some friends to help me move into a new place. We would spend the whole day moving, playing Tetris with the couch because we assumed it would fit through the door way and making multiple trips because we all had ample time, costing me only pizza and beer for their services. Fast forward to today, where we all have jobs, kids and other obligations. Time is money, and the amount I would have to pay on chiropractors, massages or organic remedies to ease my friends’ aches and pains is not worth their help – not to mention it would probably take twice as long to get the job done. Now one call to Two Guys and a Truck gets the job done in one trip for one fee and in a matter of hours.

When projects get spec’d out, the schedule includes the amount of time integrators are to be on site. And many times, that time allotted is far short. No test bench setup, no padding for troubleshooting, no information gathering…just assumptions that everything will work as presumed. What can possibly go wrong? In the movie Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Steven Seagal (the best martial artist in my humble opinion) says “Assumption is the mother of all f***ups.” Before you know it, it’s days or weeks past the deadline trying to troubleshoot comms waiting on the “other guy” and the finger-pointing starts.

RTA’s support goal is to get you up and running so you can get your data moving and on to the next project. Our gateways are shockingly easy to use but you still need to configure them. If you have an application where you must get 100 points of Modbus data over to a Building Automation System (BAS) it could take hours of work assuming what you configured is correct. And let’s face it, Modbus isn’t going anywhere soon.

That’s where RTA’s Template and Plug-n-Play solutions can save you a boat load of time. A simple click of a Template within the RTA web-based configuration and all the points, names, mapping and manipulation is done for you with a matter of seconds. What’s the catch? The fun thing with applications is that nothing is standard. RTA’s Templates cover the data portion but does not cover the comms portion. That’s where your information gathering, research, and test bench setup come into play, determining what the wiring, serial setting and network comms are. If you’ve got multiple locations where the setup will be the same every time, then the Plug-n-Play solution will save you time, every time. Interested? You can learn a bit more about RTA’s Engineered Systems on our company page or contact RTA’s Solutions team at 1-800-249-1612 or by email.

We’ve received requests for Templates and Plug-n-Play solutions from hundreds of integrators so trust us, you aren’t alone. Some are so grateful, we have received shipments of beer from grateful engineers. We are your “Two Men and a Truck” so to speak…so say, Cheers!